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Searching for the Right Space is Not an Easy Task and Nor is Negotiating with Aggressive Realtors or Landlords.

We Have Access / Contacts Re: Properties Available Now or Coming Available Soon (MLS and Non-MLS Properties).

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Stavro Kottas                                         Sales Representative

Stavros has Years of Experience Assisting Clients with Mix of All Commercial Properties, Such as Leasing, Buying and Selling. He's Developed A Vast Data Base to Be in the Loop of Current and Up Coming Soon Properties.  Known for His Hard, Yet Professional Negotiating skills.

 Natalie Depass                                         Sales Representative
With Over 7 Years Experience Under Her Belt, She's Worked at Real Estate Dept. of Bank of Nova Scotia, Commercial Dept. at Colliers International, Years in Condo Sales. Degree from York University, Bringing Experience and Knowledge to Her Pasion in Assiting Clients.