Great Condos In East York still Available

Tuesday Apr 11th, 2017


I wanted to give my opinion on Condos as an Investment.

With the housing prices in GTA and further out, sky rocketing, Condo towns and apartment style homes are what the average folks are turningn too, as it's all they can afford (and barely) if want to live in the GTA.

This is increasing interest in such purchases and these types of properties will have their prices start to go up faster than before. This is not really a good thing, cause in a few years, these will be too costly and once again, unobtainable by the average person/family.

For investment purposes, it's also why it's great time to buy a condo unit now, ASAP, so it can be sold in few years, for a much higher price then you'll buy it today, especially pre-construction condos (if such priced accordingly, be wise to this), will be great flip option. I can not forecast how much more you'll sell for, from what you bought at, and can't predict if any change in market by the occupancy date, but generally, I do believe it will sell for a higher rate of return, then similar project would of been 2 - 5 years past.

Here's one project that alread has been for sale, but has some units left, in East York, of which is basically, not far from downtown T.O... great location to invest in. The homes in this area, are selling for almost a million, if not that in this current early 2017 Market, for only a detached fixer upper bungalow !!!

Please be aware there's lots of homework and info to know, before choosing a condo for your investment/residence, and not having the professional help in such, could bring you a hasty and regretable decision.

Contact me ASAP to discuss this or any other Condo project, we can get you into. 



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